COVID-19 Update

During this challenging time, St. Paul Daycare's focus is on supporting our families, our employees and the local community in which we operate. We have successfully worked to minimize disruptions caused by COVID-19 coronavirus, while at the same time acting responsibly to do what we can to prevent further spread of the virus. We will continue to closely monitor and assess the ever evolving situation and will be diligent about communicating on important issues. ​The only people entering our building are our staff, the church staff and the children currently enrolled. Everyone is also required to wear a mask upon entry to the building.

For the protection of our children and staff, we are not providing in-person tours of our center until the State of Illinois moves into and stays in Phase 5. For a virtual tour, please contact us.



Our attention to detail includes healthy meals with a menu we curate monthly. We believe a healthy meal fuels the children for fun and learning.

  • Breakfast

  • AM Snack

  • Lunch

  • PM Snack



The educational programs at St. Paul Christian Day Care and Kindergarten were created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. All children attending must be toilet-trained. Take a look below to learn more about each program.

Villa Park Preschool


The preschool classroom focuses on each child meeting developmental milestones specific to their age, basic understanding of routines, and beginning to learn how to become independent. 

We utilize Creative Curriculum in this classroom. The teachers plan the curriculum each week based on the interests of the children. The teachers also spend time every day observing the learning that the children are doing. Doing so allows them to determine how to help to build upon prior knowledge, to track developmental milestones, and how to scaffold their learning.

This classroom is licensed for up to 15 children on any day with a teacher to child ratio of 1:10. You are welcome to send your child to our center for a minimum of 3 days per week with an option of a half day (less than 5.5 hours per day) or a full day (more than 5.5 hours per day). 

All classrooms utilize an app called Brightwheel that will allow for daily updates for your child. This is in place of a written daily report and can include pictures of your child, reminders, a short "blurb" about each day, or other important information that the teacher needs to share with all of the parents!

Villa Park Pre-K Classroom


This classroom builds on the skills learned in the Preschool classroom and focuses on getting ready for a formal school experience. We utilize the Villa Park school district's website to determine the things that the children who leave our program will need to know before entering Kindergarten. 

This classroom also utilizes the Creative Curriculum. We also use Jolly Phonics, Heggerty phonics, Eureka Math, and Handwriting With Out Tears throughout the week with the children.  We consulted with the experts at the Villa Park, Lombard and Elmhurst schools and determined that these curriculums are what the local schools use in their Kindergarten classrooms.

This classroom has interest areas including blocks, art, science, math, manipulatives, sensory, dramatic play, computer, a cozy area with books, and a writing center.

This classroom is licensed for up to 20 children on any day with a teacher to child ratio of 1:10. You are welcome to send your child to our center for a minimum of 3 days per week with an option of a half day (less than 5.5 hours per day) or a full day (more than 5.5 hours per day).

The teachers in this classroom utilize an app called Brightwheel as well.

Villa Park Kindergarten Classroom


The classroom environment is set up like a day care classroom with extended time scheduled for seat work, group work, and individual work. The teacher has conversations with local Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers to ensure that the experiences we are providing are similar to what children are receiving in a formal school setting. 

This classroom utilizes various curriculums that are commonly seen in both public and private schools in our area. We use Jolly Phonics and Heggerty for phonics instruction. We use Eureka Math for mathematics instruction. We use easy readers and leveled readers for beginning reading instruction. We use Scholastic magazines for social studies and science instruction. We use daily and weekly writing prompts to build on the skills learned in the Preschool and Pre-K classrooms. We use Handwriting With Out Tears in this classroom as well.

We do use worksheets in this classroom but we make every attempt to ensure that the learning goal is hands on and interactive.  

This classroom is licensed for up to 15 children on any day with a teacher to child ratio of 1:15. We require every child in this classroom to attend 5 days a week.

The full day program, with before school program starting at 7:00am and the after school starting at 3:30pm is an option for all families. The curriculum begins at 8:15am in this classroom and continues until 3:00pm.  

The teachers in this classroom utilize an app called Brightwheel as well.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


We utilize two Christian curriculums in the classrooms. One is called Experience God, where the children are introduced to various stories from the Bible and they complete an activity (art, whole group, small group, etc.). We also utilize the Goldy Play Curriculum.

What is Godly Play?

The result of a lifetime of research and practice by theologian, author and educator, Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman, the Godly Play® method is a curriculum of spiritual practice exploring the mystery of God’s presence in our lives. The Godly Play curriculum engages what is most exciting about religious education: God inviting us into—and pursuing us in the midst of—Scripture and spiritual experience. Godly Play® practice teaches us to listen for God and to make authentic and creative responses to God’s call in our lives.

  • Godly Play is a creative, imaginative approach to Christian formation and spiritual guidance.

  • Godly Play has a Montessori foundation with 40+ years of research and practice.

  • Godly Play values process, openness, discovery, community and relationships.

  • Godly Play models the worship life, stories, symbols and rituals of Christian congregations.

  • Godly Play allows practitioners to make relevant and personal theological meaning.

  • Godly Play nurtures participants to larger dimensions of belief and faith through wondering and play.

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