What is play based learning?

Play is the cornerstone of our program, for play is the child’s work.  According to NAEYC "play is an important part of children's learning and development." 

NAEYC also says the following "What kind of play helps children learn the best? Play that really engages children—play that they will focus on and stay with even when problems arise. This kind of play helps children develop their approaches to learning—in other words, the ways they respond to learning situations. Curiosity about the world, initiative and problem solving, and focused attention and persistence are just a few approaches to learning that children develop through play."

At St. Paul Christian Day Care and Kindergarten we offer developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day that allow the children to learn and grow in all areas of development through play.  Our teachers are constantly observing each child to determine where they are at developmentally and they plan weekly topics of discussion based on the interests of the children along with activities and experiences to continue to challenge them.


Each classroom is equipped with different interest areas that allow the children to choose what they want to engage with on a daily basis. We also  incorporate multi-cultural materials and activities to increase tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of individual differences.  Above all, we offer a nurturing environment with positive teacher-child interactions that promote creativity, respect, and provide consistency. 

If you would like to learn more about how children learn through play please visit the following links:




How do we facilitate learning through play?

Where can I learn more about play based learning?

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