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Let us know what you think of St. Paul Christian Day Care and Kindergarten

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We LOVE St. Paul! The teachers and the director truly care about each of the children. From the several accreditations, to the many activities, and well rounded meals/snacks St. Paul is amazing! You couldn't ask for a better day care &/or kindergarten to teach and care for your children. I would highly recommend St. Paul to everyone!

Megan S

I love this daycare! My grandson attends preschool at St Paul. I have dropped off and picked up on most days, plus gone on 2 field trips. Therefore, I feel like I know the teachers well. Love them all! The teachers and director are all very caring and wonderful! I feel so good about my grandson being there! I highly recommend St Paul!

Alison M

I really love this school for my son.  He gets personalized attention and has made a great number of friends.  The curriculum is set up for his level and he thoroughly enjoys going to school.
I am very impressed with the amount of communication with the parents that the director and the teachers all have.  They have made this a pleasurable experience and I would highly recommend this school to anyone I know


Words cannot describe how professional and amazing the preschool and staff are at St.Paul. They do such an amazing job with children and having different activities and field trips to keep the children engaged and learning. The entire staff is friendly and do a great job communicating the activities that the children do throughout the day. My daughter had a difficult time transitioning to a full day child care program (was with a babysitter before) and the staff were in constant contact with me about how she was doing. The day she walked in to school without tears was celebrated by all!


St. Paul is one of the most welcoming child care centers I've ever been to. My child looks forward to going to school every day and the teachers/director are genuinely happy that he is at school each day. I am impressed with the amount of communication that is had between the director and the parents. I am impressed with the love that the teachers have for every child (even if they are the most difficult child). I am impressed with the way that the center has a home-like feel and my child never wants to leave. I am impressed with the Christian environment as well as experiences that my child has had.

 If you are looking for a quality center that is incredibly affordable this should be your first choice! This center plans wonderful field trips, has monthly parent nights, and has a summer program that is amazing! We can't wait for another year at St. Paul!


I absolutely love St. Paul day care! We started out at a a school down the street but ended up switching because they didn't offer a summer program. This is an all year round school and they are extremely flexible with your schedule.  I also love how much one and one time each student gets. I feel like each teacher knows their students so well and accommodates to their individual needs and learning styles. I truly can't say enough good things about this place! My son started there a little on the shy side and it's been amazing watching him interact with the other kids.


My husband and I were truly blessed to find St. Paul's daycare. By means of social media and word of mouth we were lead to their daycare/preschool program. We already knew, during our first visit to the daycare, we wanted to enroll our child. The staff is amazing, kind and knowledgeable. They go the extra mile to ensure our child has a fantastic time everyday! The school is clean, bright and well organized. Highly recommended.

Becky Y

When I selected this place for my son, I did so not only because I instantly liked the vibe of the school, but because I got numerous recommendations from fellow teachers.  No one knows how a school is functioning like a teacher does, and the fact that EVERY single recommendation I got was positive held a lot of weight with me.  My son spent 2 1/2 years there and it truly felt like a family.  Every child was known, every child was seen, and every child was loved.  I cried on his last day there because I was so sad he had outgrown such a nurturing place!  The life lessons and love he received there were priceless.   I highly recommend St. Paul Daycare - and am proud to say that *I* have influenced two more teachers to send their kids there too!

My son is currently a grade level ahead of his peers in both reading and math after attending the full day Kindergarten class at St. Paul. I am so grateful for this school!

Chris W

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